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Pulling in the Same Direction
A Management Guide for Aligning Sales & Marketing to Improve Results

This is one of few books candidly discussing a historical divide between sales and marketing disciplines, while providing insights and techniques to address it.

Pulling in the Same Direction is a useful hands-on guide for those involved with business-to-business sales and marketing—helping you align Sales and Marketing for optimum results. This book outlines a systematic approach which will help you:

  • Understand the true essence of the Sales and Marketing gap
  • Learn how CRM tools can improve or worsen this divide
  • Break down walls between the disciplines to improve effectiveness
  • Establish common ground using a shared sales process
  • Align Sales and Marketing to ensure everyone is Pulling in the Same Direction

To help you use these insights and principles, Pulling in the Same Direction takes you through a sample sales process. This provides you with hands-on, detailed applications at each phase in the process, to help you successfully implement the book’s principles within your organization.

The principles in this book result from the authors’ real-world applications— producing sales successes in aerospace, automotive, power generation and other industries. The authors developed this book to share their experience and help you get Marketing and Sales Pulling in the Same Direction.

About the Authors…

Chris Behan has 20+ years of experience developing successful marketing strategies and programs that effectively build brands and drive sales within the automotive, software, electronics, aerospace, power generation, health care and other industries.

​Barry Fowell is a highly-seasoned sales consultant who spent 30+ years formulating successful multi-million dollar sales strategies and managing sales teams across three continents over a broad span of industries—ranging from aerospace to automotive to software to power generation and more.

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