EXPERIENCE with OEMs, suppliers & aftermarket.

The BCG team has over 20 years of success with leading OEM, supplier and aftermarket brands across the automotive industry.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • OEM Suppliers (all tiers)
  • Automotive Dealer Groups
  • Aftermarket Manufacturers
  • Aftermarket Distribution Channel Members
  • Aftermarket Service Providers
  • Technical Consultancies

Whether you sell replacement components in the aftermarket, chassis systems to OEMs or are launching new technologies into these market segments, we can put our experience to work and help you achieve your goals.


BCG offers you comprehensive strategic and implementation resources that can be tailored to fit your specific organizational and marketing objectives.

We take a non-traditional approach to our structure, with responsive and highly-efficient “virtual” operations that offer the experience and creative talent of a large agency without the costly overhead.

This enables you to leverage our expertise and services on an “as needed” basis. Whether you need our team to spearhead and manage your overall marketing communications program, or simply provide direction and support to help you execute your internal team’s marketing plans.


If you would like to see samples of our work with past clients, or discuss your marketing goals and how we can help you achieve them, please contact us.